Coldmix Asphalt Repair

Bitumend Coldmix is a high quality polymer-modified asphalt mix that can be EASILY used by councils, contractors and business owners to fill potholes, repair roads, carparks or driveways straight from the bag.

This coldmix asphalt repair remains strong and flexible yet easy enough to use when you open the bag. Not all coldmix asphalt products are made equal. Our experience has shown us that our high grade cold mix provides a long term repair that typically is better and outlasts other repairs made using hotmix asphalt.

Our coldmix asphalt product does not need heating in order to be activated – simply pour coldmix into the pothole in-need of repair, compress the cold mix down and your pothole is repaired.

We are based in Auckland, NZ and are a trade supplier to Contractors, Hardware Stores and Landscaping Suppliers.

NB/ Minimum order = 50 x 20kg bags or 1 x 1 tonne bag

Looking to buy Coldmix in bulk? Or you just have some questions? Please contact us on 09-394-7555.

Step 1: Clean - Brush out any the debris. For pothole repair, where possible, it is recommended to create a
vertical edge to the hole for the asphalt coldmix to butt up against.

Step 2: Pour coldmix into the pothole and form a crown.  Ensure the middle of the placed product is higher than thesides, by 5mm to 10mm depending on the repair area size. This will counteract subsidence caused by compacting.

Step 3: Compact using a tamper, steel wheel roller or drive over with a car.  Suggest throwing some dust or sand over the coldmix before compacting.  This helps stop the coldmix from sticking to the compacting tool.

Coldmix Info


- Potholes
- Small reinstatements
- Edge breaks
- Also used as a drainage chip

- Easy to use
- All weather conditions
- Immediately ready for vehicle and pedestrian traffic
- No wasted product at the end of each day
- No emulsion required
- No dumping costs
- Very effective
- No Heating required
- No Special equipment needed
- Very cost effective
- Strong foil bag – Can be stored sealed for more than a year and doesn’t puncture easily

We recommend a depth of between 30mm & 50mm.

Formula to Calculate how much you need:
Coldmix Required(kg) = Length(m) x Height(m) x depth(m) x 2000
e.g If I have an area 5m x 5m x 50mm deep
then 5 x 5 x 0.05m x 2000 = 2500kg of coldmix is required

Approximate yield for 20kg: 0.01m2

For bulk orders
At a depth of 3 cm - a 1 tonne bag will cover an area of 16m2.
At a depth of 5 cm - a 1 tonne bag will cover an area of 10m2.


1. Clean – sweep the hole clean of debris
2. Pour – open the bag and pour the contents into the pothole
3. Compact – use a vehicle ot tamper to compact