What Is Cold Mix Asphalt?

What Is Cold Mix Asphalt?

Cold mix asphalt is a combination of aggregates and cutback or bitumen emulsion, commonly used on low traffic roads or rural roads. Cold mix asphalt is constructed by emulsifying the asphalt with water and an emulsifier agent before mixing it with aggregates to make it less dense. The Mix is easier to work with. The combination could be bitumen emulsion, virgin aggregates, or reclaimed asphalt pavements/milled pavements, though the latter would be cost-effective. They are used for rebuilding potholes and worn-out flexible pavements too. Cold mix asphalt also works along flexible pavements and can be produced on-site or at mixing plants. Cold mix asphalt is generally used on low traffic roads, not much on high vehicle density roads. Cold mixes are commonly used to repair worn pavement and potholes when no hot mix is readily available and also used for temporary patches too.

How is Cold Mix Asphalt Made?

When asphalt is emulsified in water and soap before mixing it with the aggregate and when it comes in an emulsified state, it competes, and asphalts become very easy to work with. The emulsion will break in a given time, and the water will evaporate so that the cold Mix takes on the properties of cold HMAC.

What is Cold Mix

Cold Mix is produced by mixing a suitable bitumen emulsion and unheated mineral aggregates while maintaining the proper moisture content. They can make cold mixes either by using a pug mill, WMM plant, or even a simple concrete mixer without any heating requirement. As is usually employed in road construction, the paver, and other construction machinery can be used to execute these works. Biochem Cold Mix is an engineered solution based on the aggregate used, weather conditions, site characteristics, etc. Specially designed emulsions and additives are used to produce a cold mix. Biochem Cold Mix properties exceed the requirements of IRC SP:100.

Cold Mix technology is a field application of mix design based on tailor-made bitumen binders with the available aggregates without any heating in an environment-friendly manner.

It is not necessarily a supply of specified grades of bitumen emulsions.

It has been used extensively in many countries for new construction and preventive/ corrective maintenance.

Cold Mix Paving Process

A unique procedure used to make cold mix asphalt. The process involves mixing Design with project aggregate and emulsion, manufactured to coat and bind the aggregate, and allows the final product to exert more stress resistance during and after construction.

A pugmill is used to mix up the asphalt and aggregate, and the Mix is then transported to the paver that sets them on the mat and prepared surface. When applying cold mix asphalt to roadways, it’s essential to properly compact it with rollers and allow it to go through the curing process before it is opened to traffic.

Cold mix asphalt undergoes surface treatment about a year after installation and If cold mix asphalt is fabricated from recycled millings, it should be surfaced around three months post-installation.

Life-line of Cold Mix Asphalt:

Cold mix asphalt lasts around one year and works very well the whole year. It is imperative to use high-quality, properly compacted materials to get the most out of them.

Not all cold mix asphalt is made equally. Everything from the materials used to the manufacturing process and installation alters how it holds up under pressure. Marketingly Construction employs top-of-the-line methods and equipment paired with years of experience to provide unbeatable results time and time again.

Features & Benefits of Cold Mix Asphalt:

A wide range of benefits makes cold mix asphalt a preferred option. These include the following:

1. Very Economical:

  •  Cold mix asphalt is economical compared to hot/warm mix asphalt, as this method eliminates the need to heat the aggregates.
  • Using cold Mix is cost-effective compared to hot/warm mix asphalt because the Mix can be applied directly from the container.

2. Easy to use:

  • No special high-tech machinery is required as the standard paving equipment can be used for paving.
  • The Design of the Mix can be altered and determined depending on the aggregate type, the climatic condition of the geography of the location it is to be applied,
  • The Mix can be used even when the ambient temperature drops, thus reducing the requirement of maintaining the asphalt temperature. So it can use any weather conditions.

3. Environmental Friendly:

  •  It eliminates the emissions as it doesn’t need to be heated like the hot/warm mix asphalt and this quality reduces the carbon footprint which is left behind after the process.

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